does not necessarily mean it uses less irrigation
Mow less often
slow vertical growth, 10 days to 2 weeks between mowing your yard
Chinch Bug Resistant
less pesticide use compared to St Augustine, better for the environment
Soft Texture
not as fine as Bermuda and not as coarse as St. Augustine or Bahia


In the tampa bay area, council growers is the closest sod farm to most of the metro area for empire turf! Not all Zoysia grasses are alike, nor is the quality and freshness the same at every sod source. Be sure to specify EMPIRE from Council Growers. There are numerous varieties of Zoysia grown in the southern United States and they all perform and or look differently. This is not something that you just ask for the cheapest Zoysia grass or the closest Empire retailer.

DROUGHT HARDINESS- Empire Zoysia does not necessarily use less irrigation, but when the dry times come and water restrictions are tightened one turfgrass will stand out. The Empire is tougher than St. Augustine and will survive. Initially, the St. Augustine will stay greener in a drought , and the Empire will go into a dormant state and turn off color. As the drought worsens, the St. Augustine will eventually start to turn brown. Once rain or irrigation arrives, the Empire will green back up, where as the St. Augustine will either come back weakened or will not come back at all.

Mow Less Often- Ever feel like you are a slave to your yard? Empire turf can be mowed as little as every 10-14 days in the summer and even less the rest of the year. Enjoy your yard or go enjoy a hobby on the weekend. Keep this advantage in mind when you first lay your new sod. The fact that it is a slow grower means it will take longer to develop that deep root system that helps it withstand drought conditions. We recommend mowing at a height of 1-2 inches. This grass requires no special mowing equipment and can be mowed with a standard rotary mower as well.

CHINCH BUG RESISTANT- This is the biggest advantage to Empire that we see! Unlike St. Augustine, which requires frequent pesticide application to fight those dreaded chinch bugs, Empire is resistant. That is not to say that it is resistant to all insects, but with a couple of preventative pesticide applications of insecticide if needed you can relax in your yard and know that this grass is easier on the environment and your pocket book. Check out our Maintenance Guide Check out our Maintenance Guide for more advice on care.

SOFT TEXTURE- We hear our Northern friends complaining all the time about how coarse St. Augustine is to walk on. They are looking for a grass similar to what they had up north. Empire turf fills that need. Not as fine as Bermuda grass nor needing special reel mowers to mow. Take your shoes off and enjoy your outdoor oasis. The blade width on this grass is approximately 5-7mm. We like to see the lawn mowed at between 1 and 2 inches.